How Much Does 1 Ostrich Egg Cost?

One ostrich egg can cost anywhere from $60 to $200. The price depends on the size, quality, and availability of the egg.

If you’re looking to add a bit of luxury to your breakfast table, then you may be wondering how much an ostrich egg costs. While these eggs are certainly more expensive than your average chicken egg, they are still relatively affordable when compared to other luxury items. On average, one ostrich egg will cost about $10-15.

So, why exactly are ostrich eggs so expensive? Well, for starters, ostriches are not easy animals to keep. They require a lot of space and special care, which drives up the price of their eggs.

Additionally, there is a very limited supply of ostrich eggs since these birds are not widely farmed. And finally, because they are so large (averaging about 12 inches in length), it takes quite a bit of effort to clean and prepare them for consumption. Despite the higher price tag, many people believe that ostrich eggs are worth the splurge.

After all, they offer a unique culinary experience that you can’t get from chicken eggs. If you’ve never tried one before, we highly recommend giving them a go!

How Much Does an Ostrich Egg Weigh

An ostrich egg can weigh anywhere from 1.5 to 3 pounds, with the average weight being about 2 pounds. The largest recorded ostrich egg weighed in at a whopping 4.5 pounds! Ostriches lay the biggest eggs of any bird in the world, and they are also the heaviest bird alive today.

How Often Do Ostriches Lay Eggs

Ostriches lay eggs anywhere from two to six times per year, with the average being four. The female ostrich will usually lay her eggs in a communal nest, which can contain anywhere from 10 to 40 eggs. After the eggs have been incubated for around 42 days, they will hatch and the chicks will be cared for by their parents until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Ostrich Egg for Sale

Ostrich eggs are the largest of all eggs, and they’re for sale at many online retailers. These massive eggs weigh in at about three pounds each and have a diameter of six inches. They’re also quite fragile, so they need to be handled with care.

If you’re thinking about adding an ostrich egg to your collection, there are a few things you should know. First, these eggs can take up to two weeks to hatch, so be patient! Second, the incubation temperature for ostrich eggs is slightly lower than for chicken eggs, so you’ll need to adjust your incubator accordingly.

Finally, remember that ostriches are very large birds, so their eggs will require a correspondingly large nesting box or incubator. Whether you’re an experienced bird keeper or just starting out, an ostrich egg is a fun and unique addition to your flock. So why not give it a try?

Edible Ostrich Eggs for Sale

If you’re looking for something a little different to add to your egg collection, why not try an ostrich egg? These eggs are the largest of all bird eggs and can weigh up to 3 pounds! They have a tough outer shell and a creamy white interior.

Ostrich eggs take about 42 days to hatch, so if you’re planning on incubating them be sure to start early. The average price for an edible ostrich egg is around $200, but they can be found for as low as $50 depending on the seller.

Where to Buy Ostrich Eggs near Me

If you’re looking for ostrich eggs near you, there are a few options. One is to check your local grocery store. Many stores now sell ostrich eggs, so it’s worth checking to see if yours does too.

Another option is to go online and search for a supplier in your area. There are many reputable suppliers that will ship fresh ostrich eggs right to your door. Finally, you can also find ostrich farms in some states that offer tours and allow you to purchase eggs directly from them.

How Much Does 1 Ostrich Egg Cost?


Can I Buy an Ostrich Egg?

Yes, you can buy an ostrich egg. You can find them for sale at many different online retailers, as well as some brick and mortar stores. The price of an ostrich egg can vary depending on the size and the quality of the egg.

Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for a good quality ostrich egg.

Does Trader Joe’S Sell Ostrich Eggs?

As of right now, Trader Joe’s does not sell ostrich eggs. However, they have been known to sell other types of exotic eggs in the past, so it’s possible that they could start selling ostrich eggs at some point in the future. If you’re looking for a place to buy ostrich eggs, your best bet is probably going to be a local farm or specialty grocery store.

Is It Illegal to Eat Ostrich Eggs?

If you’re considering adding ostrich eggs to your diet, you may be wondering if it’s legal to do so. The answer is yes, in most cases it is perfectly legal to eat ostrich eggs. However, there are some exceptions depending on where you live.

In the United States, for example, the sale of unincubated ostrich eggs is regulated by the USDA. This means that if you want to buy an ostrich egg to eat, it must come from a USDA-inspected facility. The same goes for Canada; unincubated ostrich eggs can only be legally sold if they’ve been inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

If you live in the European Union, things are a bit different. In 2014, the EU banned the import of all non-fertilized ostrich eggs due to concerns about Avian Influenza. So if you want to eat an ostrich egg in Europe, it must be fertilized and incubated – otherwise it’s illegal.

Of course, if you raise ostriches yourself then you can generally do whatever you like with the eggs! Just make sure that if you’re selling them commercially, you check with your local regulations first.

How Much Does a Baby Ostrich Cost?

An ostrich can lay anywhere between 10 and 40 eggs in a single year. A baby ostrich, which is also called a chicks, costs around $300 each.

Why We Don't Eat Ostrich Eggs


If you’re wondering how much an ostrich egg costs, the answer may surprise you. While ostrich eggs are certainly not cheap, they are actually quite affordable when compared to other exotic eggs. On average, an ostrich egg will cost between $60 and $80.

This price range may seem high, but it’s actually quite reasonable when you consider that a single ostrich egg is equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs. In other words, if you were to purchase two dozen chicken eggs, it would cost you approximately the same amount of money as one ostrich egg.

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