Why Do My Dogs Follow Me to the Bathroom?

There are a few reasons your dog may follow you to the bathroom. They may be curious about what you’re doing, or they may simply enjoy being near you. Some dogs also like to drink from the toilet, so that may be another reason they follow you into the bathroom.

Whatever the reason, it’s generally not considered bad behavior, and is actually quite common.

There are a few possible explanations for why your dogs might follow you to the bathroom. Maybe they just really enjoy your company and want to be near you as much as possible. Or, it could be that they smell something interesting on you that they want to investigate.

It’s also possible that they’ve learned that good things happen when they follow you into the bathroom (e.g., you might give them a treat or some attention). Whatever the reason, it’s pretty clear that your dogs enjoy spending time with you, even if it means sitting outside of a smelly bathroom!

10 Reasons Why Dogs Follow You to the Bathroom

1. They want to be close to you: Dogs are social creatures and they want to be close to their pack leader – which is you! When you head to the bathroom, they see it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with you. 2. They can smell things we can’t: Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans do, so if there’s something interesting going on in the bathroom, they’re going to want to check it out.

3. They’re curious creatures: Just like us, dogs are curious creatures and the bathroom is often full of new sights and smells for them to explore. 4. They think you might need help: If you’re headed into the bathroom, your dog may think you need some assistance and feel the need to follow you in just in case. 5. They pick up on our cues: Dogs are very intuitive and they can often tell when we’re feeling stressed or anxious.

If we’re heading into the bathroom for a break from reality, our pups may sense that and want to come along for support.

Why Do My Dogs Follow Me to the Bathroom?

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Why Should You Not Let Your Dog Follow You to the Bathroom?

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t let your dog follow you to the bathroom. For one, it’s simply not polite. Imagine if someone followed you into the bathroom every time you went – it would be pretty creepy!

Additionally, your bathroom is full of bacteria and other germs that can be harmful to your dog. Dogs have sensitive noses and can easily become overwhelmed by the smells in a bathroom. Plus, there are plenty of things in a bathroom that a curious dog could chew on or swallow, which could be dangerous.

Finally, it’s just not necessary for your dog to be in the bathroom with you. They can wait patiently outside until you’re done. If they really need to go while you’re in there, they can always hold it until you come out!

Why Does My Dog Follow Me to the Bathroom And Not My Husband?

There are a few different theories as to why dogs might follow their owners into the bathroom. One possibility is that they simply want to be close to their favorite person. Another explanation is that dogs are instinctively drawn to places where they can pick up on the scent of their owner, and the bathroom is one such place.

It’s also possible that your dog sees you as the alpha figure in the family and feels like it’s his or her duty to protect you, even when you’re taking a break in the bathroom. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that many dogs have a strong preference for following their owners into this private space.

Why Do Dogs Guard You in the Bathroom?

There are a few reasons that dogs may guard their owners while they are in the bathroom. One reason is that the bathroom is often seen as a private space, and the dog may be trying to protect their owner’s privacy. Another reason could be that the dog is concerned about their owner’s safety and well-being and is trying to protect them.

Finally, it could simply be that the dog enjoys being close to their owner and feels comfortable in the bathroom.

This Is Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom. I Never Knew This!


We all know the feeling of being followed by our furry friend everywhere we go in the house. But have you ever wondered why your dog follows you to the bathroom? Turns out, there are a few reasons why your pup might be interested in what goes on in there!

One reason could be that they simply enjoy your company and want to be close to you. Dogs are social creatures and love spending time with their humans. So, if you’re headed to the bathroom, they likely just want to join in on the fun!

Another possibility is that your dog is looking for attention. Let’s face it, we tend to give them less attention when we’re busy in the bathroom. They may follow you in there hoping for a little bit of quality time (even if it is just watching you do your business!).

Finally, some dogs may see the bathroom as a place of food or treats. If you often give your dog a treat while in the bathroom, they may start associating that space with something good! This can lead them to follow you every time you head in there – just in case they might get lucky and snag another tasty snack.

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